How to download results outside the Enclave

This guide describes the steps to go through if you would like to download your research results outside of the N3C Enclave, which is typically the case when you want to submit a publication or show your results in conferences or other presentations. Before submission, please review the N3C Download Policy.

The process consists of these four steps:

  1. Prepare your results
  2. Submit a Download Review Request
  3. Track your Download Review Request and respond to reviewers
  4. Download your results once the request is approved**

Prepare your results

Submit a Download Review Request

Once your Notepads and/or Datasets are ready, you should submit a Download Review Request via the Download Review Request Form.

Unfilled Data Download Review Request Form

Click on Select resource and find the resource you want to download (Notepad or Dataset) from the Enclave. If you want want to include more than one Notepad or Dataset, click on Add Another Notepad/Dataset and repeat the operation.

Filled in Data Download Review Request Form

Track your Download Review Request and respond to reviewers

Once you submit the form described above, a Download Review Request is generated, and you will be able to track it in your Requester Dashboard for Download Reviews. The request can be referenced using Download Review Request Id (DRR-XXXXXXX) which is attached to the request.

Download Review Request ID

Reviewers from N3C and NCATS will review your request. They will be granted temporary access to the resources that you wish to download. You can communicate with them on the request itself through the Comments section on the request, as shown in the screenshot below:

Download Request Comments Section

Based on these reviews, a final decision will be made, and you will see it on your Requester Dashboard.

During this whole review process, the content of your Notepad or Dataset will be frozen until the review is complete. In other words:

Once the request is approved, download the results

Once a decision is made regarding your download request, you will get an automated email with instructions to download your results.

To download a Notepad, open the Notepad, click Actions, and export to PDF or Markdown or PPT.

Export to PDF button

To download a Dataset open the Dataset, click Actions, and export to CSV.

Export to CSV button

For any additional question, please file an Issue and assign it to Palantir Client Support.