Webinars and Information Sessions

The Role of Health IT in Bringing Research and Care Together


Listen to Melissa Haendel, PhD, FAMIA at the Clinical Research As A Care Option (CRAACO) 2021 conference where she discusses available IT tools that can bridge clinical and research areas, existing gaps that IT can help solve, and the roadmap to integrate clinical care and research with IT.

N3C Data Ingestion Harmonization


Take a deep dive into the N3C Data Harmonization process with the N3C Harmonization Workstream as they discuss their workflow, current processing pipelines, and future goals with NIH and NLM.

TIN webinar - Using N3C Data to Inform your Protocol Development


As part of the Trial Innovation Network (TIN) Collaboration Series, this webinar provides an overview and update on the status of N3C, followed by presentations from 3 of the N3C Domain Teams (Pharma-Commercial, Pharmacoepidemiology, Social Determinants of Health) on how they can inform clinical trial protocol development.

CTSA Program Webinar-Introduction to Using the N3C Analytics Platform

As part of the January 2021 CTSA Program Webinar, this video provides an overview of the N3C initiative and an introduction to the steps required to access and navigate the N3C Data Enclave.

N3C: Let’s Get Nurse Scientists Involved!

This webinar aims to increase awareness of N3C's national collection of electronic health record (EHR) data on COVID-19 patients, engage nurses, and identify opportunities and roles relevant to nurse scientists. A panel discussion follows to address pertinent issues and questions.

N3C Common Data Model Symposium

Listen to members of the N3C and their colleges from the common data model community (ACT, TriNetX, PCORnet, OMOP) discuss their efforts and experience surrounding the issue of COVID-19 relevant data element extraction from electronic health records . They especially focus on challenges in this process, how they handle optional/complex elements, and what can be done by, and for, the community to collaboratively make the process more efficient. The discussion also details how the various common data models aligned vaccine modeling and made a commitment to keep them synchronized.

The Bioinformatics and Beyond Podcast: COVID-19 Clinical Informatics

Host Leo Elworth interviews N3C Co-Director Melissa Haendel, PhD about the N3C initiative as well as her other notable clinical informatics research. They discuss how data gets ingested and harmonized into the N3C Data Enclave, the security of the environment, and how researchers can get access to the data and use the system to perform their own COVID-19 research.

Updates from the N3C: An AMIA Public Policy Presentation

Anita Walden (CD2H/N3C), Nicole Garbarini (NCATS), Heidi Spratt (UTMB), Charisse Madlock-Brown (UTHSC), and Sally Hodder (WVU) give an overview and update on the status of the N3C and governance policy, with a focus on Clinical Domain Teams, IDeA-CTR partnership, and engagement.

Novel Cohorts Podcast - Novo Nordisk, UNC Health, and COVID-19/Metabolic Disease

Listen to Dan Housman , Novo Nordisk researcher Dr. Kajsa Kvist , and Dr. John Buse of UNC Health discuss how and why Novo Nordisk became an early adopter of the N3C. The Novo Nordisk analytics team led by Dr. Kvist is studying how COVID-19 outcomes are associated with anti-diabetic treatment regimens to help infected patients. The collaborators discuss the working model they established to leverage the strengths of academic and industry partners through the N3C.

OHDSI: Large Scale Network Phenotype Development, Evaluation & Characterization

Members of the OHDSI community present the plenary session on Large Scale Network Phenotype Development, Evaluation, and Characterization. View the PHenotype Observed Entity Baseline Endorsements (PHOEBE) presentation by Anna Ostropolets, MD at timestamp 22:36-31:58.

Novel Cohorts Podcast - Scope of Real-world Data in Drug Repositioning

Listen to Dan Housman , Chief Technology Officer at Graticule Life and co-lead of the Pharma/Commercial Clinical Domain Team, interview Joy Alamgir from ARI Science. ARI Science is using the N3C to study the performance of marketed drugs identified for repurposing to treat COVID-19. Joy provides insight into how his team learned about N3C, alternatives his team considered, the key benefits of his group, and ARI Science's early experience working with the Enclave and its datasets.

OHDSI 2020 Symposium: Building Trust: Evidence & its Communication

Leaders from around the healthcare community shared their insights during a panel discussion entitled "Building Trust: Evidence and its Communication," a highlight event of the 2020 OHDSI Global Symposium.

OHDSI 2020 Global Symposium: State of the Community

Listen to N3C Co-Directors Melissa Haendel, PhD and Christopher Chute, MD, DrPH discuss the partnership between OHDSI and N3C, the role of OMOP in the Data Enclave, and provide brief updates in this regard (Timestamp: 14:35 - 16:36). Other members of the OHDSI community also provide updates within the full video, and additional information about the Global Symposium can be found here.

Novel Cohorts Podcast - Insights from N3C: New RWD Initiative

Listen to host Dan Housman discuss the N3C with Co-Directors Melissa Haendel, PhD and Christopher Chute, MD, DrPH. Learn about the N3C, the goals of the initiative, and opportunities for you to access data to develop pharmaceutical and commercial research projects that will address treatment needs for COVID-19.

NIH Jumpstart Clinical Data Access to COVID-19 Research

Listen to N3C Co-Director Melissa Haendel, PhD, describe the data, tools, and features associated with the N3C Data Enclave during the NIH Jumpstart Clinical Data Access to COVID-19 Research Workshop (Timestamp: 2:04:42 - 2:23:49). Other N3C members also present on specific facets of the N3C during the webinar (see workshop agenda), which can be viewed at various timestamps in the video.

National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) Demonstration

Listen to Joni Rutter, PhD , Deputy Director of NCATS, introduce the N3C and provide overall context about its mission and goals. N3C lead Christopher Chute, MD, DrPH also provides an overview of the data ingestion process with a live demo of the portal software.

N3C Partnership Webinar

Learn more from our N3C Partnership Webinar (5/15/20). View slides.

Update on Status of the NCATS National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C)

Special CTSA Program Webinar with NCATS Director Christopher Austin, MD. This webinar provides a status update on efforts to create a centralized clinical COVID database, acknowledges the collaboration and spirit of community that has gotten us to this point, asks the hubs to take the first step to participating by signing the Data Transfer Agreement (DTA), and provides insight into next steps.