N3C Domain Team: Diabetes & Obesity



The Diabetes and Obesity Clinical Domain Team aims to address questions regarding the relationship between diabetes and/or obesity and COVID-19, including the risk factors and treatments that may affect clinical outcomes. The team is currently engaged in studies to examine: (1) the effect of medications such as metformin in mitigating the development of PASC, (2) the risk of developing incident diabetes after COVID-19 and the disease- and patient-related factors associated with risk, and (3) outcomes in patients who develop incident diabetes after COVID-19. The overall goal is to better understand the risk factors and potential interventions to mitigate the burden of disease related to diabetes, obesity and COVID-19.

Team meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10:00am CT. Weekly working meetings take place at 10:30am CT on the 1st Tuesday and 5th Tuesday of the month. Please email n3c-tt-diabetes@googlegroups.com to be added to the calendar invite.

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Carolyn Bramante, MD, MPH
University of Minnesota
Rachel Wong
Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook