N3C Domain Team: Education and Training


The ET-DT will house education-related DURs and provide support to mentors, instructors, and learners (we will also encourage teams to affiliate with clinical DTs where appropriate). This domain team will also be used to discuss and coordinate N3C-specific education and training efforts (such as the Enclave Users’ Group and N3C training modules), develop N3C-related funding opportunities (e.g., NIH R25 grant submissions), and related efforts (e.g., development of a short course and open-access educational materials such as an online book.)

Researcher's Guide to N3C - Guidance, information, and pointers to resources for conducting research with the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C).

Meeting information: Meetings are held every other on Monday at 9am PT / 12:00pm ET starting 09/25/2023.

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First Time Users: To get started with N3C and gain access to the N3C Data Enclave, please view the Researcher Essentials webpage.
For Questions or Comments: Please access the N3C Support Desk and click on "Request Domain Team Support".


Shawn T. O'Neil, PhD
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Sharon Patrick, MS, CPCS
West Virginia University